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Students get up-close look at county government

13 April, 2012


High school students learned how the government works by visiting the county seat.

More than a hundred students from Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Ferndale, Lake Orion, Milford, Pontiac, White Lake and West Bloomfield school districts participated in the annual Youth in Government Day program at the Oakland County Circuit Court.

Students attended the Oakland County Board of Commissioners Finance meeting, met with elected officials and learned about county government and leadership development programs.


“It’s important for students to learn about their government and be able to ask questions,” said Jeffery Matis, R-Rochester, Vice Chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

The students were divided into three groups where they had the opportunity to learn about the Oakland County’s Sheriff’s Canine Unit and all the branches of government.

“I learned a lot about local government and court systems. Plus, I got to watch K-9 police dogs,” said Jessi Samana, 12th grader at Milford High School.

Students were also able to tour the court rooms and meet with the Oakland County Chief Judge Nanci J. Grant and Family Court Judge Lisa Gorcyca.

“It was great to see that judges are real people like me and you,” said Rebecca Roughten, ninth grader at Lake Orion High School. Continued...



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  • Students were strongly encouraged to voice their opinions about political and county issues.

“It was nice to see how eager the commissioners were to see us,” said Megan Darby, 12th grader at Milford High School. “They kept reminding us that we are the future.”

Students also had the chance to speak with Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. “It’s important for everyone to be involved in government, but especially our young people because it will be what they inherit,” said Bouchard.

Published: Friday, April 13, 2012

                         The Oakland Press/DOUG BAUMAN Oakland County students listen as Oakland County Commissioner Tom Middleton (standing (left) and Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Nanci Grant (standing right) talk about how the Circuit Court functions. By BRITTANY WRIGHT, The Oakland Press






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