Congratulations, We the People Students!

January 22nd, 2019 by MCCE Admin

Congratulations, We the People rising scholars!

January 11, 2020, 9 schools participated in the We the People State Finals and Showcase.

Schools participating included:

Black River Public Schools, Mr. Alex Constantelos

Cesar Chavez Academy, Ms. Cortney Kosmala

East Grand Rapids High School, Mr. Adam Horos

East Kentwood High School, Mr. Justin Robbins

Howell High School, Mr. John Josephson

Hudsonville High School, Mr. Colin Sullivan

Lamphere High School, Ms. Nichole Bontomasi

Marquette Senior High School, Mr. Fred Cole

Richmond High School, Dr. Mark Ladd


The top four finishing schools were:

4th: East Kentwood High School

3rd: Marquette Senior High School

2nd: Black River Public Schools

1st: East Grand Rapids High Schools


We are also excited to announce that in addition to the first place finisher, Black River accepted Michigan’s wildcard spot. So Michigan will have two teams at the national finals April 26-29 in D.C.


Thank you to all our judges, facilitators, MCCE volunteers, the State Bar of Michigan, the Secretary of the Senate for their time, expertise, and use of space. We would like to extend our appreciation to Kevin, Tammy, and Eric-John, and Darin Day. Thank you to Darin and the State Bar for presenting the awards. Thank you to Monica and Darin for finding additional volunteers at the last minute!  Thank you as well to Don for running in the judge orientation and working with all the last minute updates. Thank you to Peter Shaheen, Michael Obuchi, Christine Hekman, Amara Vear, and Peter Battey for their work behind the scenes to make it happen.


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