Each year, the MCCE puts on a clinic to help students learn courtroom skills under the guidance of experienced trial attorneys and tournament judges. Sessions are offered for mock trial participants both new and experienced. Clinic participants take part in sessions devoted to improving mock trial skills such as:

  • Theme, Theory, and Analysis
  • Opening Statements and Closing Arguments
  • Direct Examination and Cross-examination
  • Being an effective witness
  • Handling of Evidence and Exhibits
  • Objections and Responses
  • Courtroom Do’s and Dont’s
  • A Judge’s Perspective
  • Coach’s Corner

Mock Trial Clinic Registration Form

Monday, December 17, 2018
Hall of Justice and Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center – Lansing, MI
Registration Deadline: December 10, 2018

Students and coaches are invited to come and work on their courtroom skills under the guidance of experienced trial attorneys, law professors, and tournament judges. Sessions will be offered for mock trial participants both new and experienced participants.

This year’s clinic will include a tour of the Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center and, if scheduling permits, a visit to the Michigan Supreme Court Chambers! We are also expanding to offer Courtroom Artistry and Courtroom Journalism.

Registration and Payment

All attendees must register and pay the $10 registration fee. Lunch and learning materials will be provided. Please communicate any food or accessibility accommodations required.

We accept payment online via our store (link below registration form) but will also accept payment by check. Please make checks payable to the Michigan Center for Civic Education and return to:
Michigan Center for Civic Education
306 Townsend Street, Lansing, MI 48933

Student teams must be accompanied by a school authorized adult.

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Individual Participation Registration

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By registering I acknowledge the Michigan Center for Civic Education (MCCE) may use the likeness, images, video, and names of students and adults affiliated with my school’s participation. I understand the above may be used for press releases, social media, school communications, video promotions, and other related communications. Should a student, school, or member choose to withdraw from this agreement, the school or participant has an affirmative obligation to submit written notification to MCCE staff who will sign the document prior to the beginning of an event and an obligation to remove one’s self from posed pictures.

Volunteer/Adult Code of Conduct

By registering, I acknowledge full compliance with the Adult Code of Conduct for myself, coaches, and adults I bring into the event space. A full copy of the Code can be reviewed here.
By registering I also agree to uphold the Code of Conduct for students and adults per the Mock Trial Handbook.

Thank you. We look forward to learning together!


If you are paying Online, please click on the product link below and add the appropriate number of participants before checking out. Thank You!

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