Volunteer as a Judge or Court Officer

Each year, the Michigan Center for Civic Education seeks volunteers to judge the competitors and to help out as court officers for the competition. Without the help of our dedicated volunteers, we would not be able to run the competition.


2020 Mock Trial Volunteer Registration

Thank you for providing your time, energy, and expertise to impacting the next generation. Please review the available dates and volunteer as you can. Your time, caring, and expertise make it possible to host these events for these amazing students!

Thank you for your commitment to developing our civic community. Your time, energy, and expertise helps impact the next generation of legal thought. Please review the available dates and volunteer as you can. You make it possible to host these events for our amazing students!

I would like to volunteer as (please put 1 for your first choice and if you have a second or third, please indicate that as well)

I am committing to volunteering at these 2020 Regional Events and/or State Finals

Washtenaw, Feb. 22:

Oakland, Feb. 29:

Macomb, March 7

Ingham March 7

Kent, March 14

Lansing, March 21

By registering I acknowledge the Michigan Center for Civic Education (MCCE) may use the likeness, images, video, and names of students and adults affiliated with my school’s participation. I understand the above may be used for press releases, social media, school communications, video promotions, and other related communications. Should a student, school, or member choose to withdraw from this agreement, the school or participant has an affirmative obligation to submit written notification to MCCE staff who will sign the document prior to the beginning of an event and an obligation to remove one’s self from posed pictures.

By registering, I acknowledge full compliance with the Adult Code of Conduct for myself, coaches, and adults I bring into the event space. A full copy of the Code can be reviewed here: http://bit.ly/MCCEVolunteer.
By registering I also agree to uphold the Code of Conduct for students and adults per the Mock Trial Handbook.

My acknowledgment below indicates my availability to be fully present at the events as indicated above. I understand the importance of my work to the students involved and commit to communicating to MCCE any change in my availability asap. By completing this form, you are committing to volunteer at the dates and times that you selected. We will contact you with more details as the tournament approaches, we ask that you please put this event in your calendar today! Thank you tremendously.

Thank you for your support!

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