Project Citizen

The Michigan Center for Civic Education (MCCE) is dedicated to programs that give students the opportunity to practice the skills of healthy and vibrant civic life.

Project Citizen is one of those programs.

Project Citizen is a program for upper elementary, middle, secondary, post-secondary students, and youth organizations, that promotes competent and responsible participation in local and state government. Students work together to identify a problem, study policy issues related to the problem, develop a solution to the problem, and create an action plan for implementing their policy. In a culminating activity, students present in a simulated legislative hearing, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of how public policy is formulated.

How can I get involved?

MCCE will be conducting a summer workshop in 2020.

Participating in one of our workshops will provide critical foundational learning to bring Project Citizen to life in the classroom. Participants will receive content from public policy experts; connections with local public policy makers; and proven and effective teaching strategies.

Teachers who attend and implement Project Citizen will receive:

  • A FREE classroom set of materials;
  • A stipend for completing the training with participation in the showcase;
  • Exploration and practice with processes and protocols to address controversial topics in the classroom;
  • Ongoing instructional and curricular support;
  • SCECH credits; and
  • A great community of teachers;

earn more about how to involve your class in Project Citizen, Contact Us.

Correlation of Project Citizen to Michigan’s Grade Level Content Expectations (PDF, 115 KB)

Michigan Senate Resolution to Recognize the Valuable Contributions of Project Citizen to Education and the Development of Active Citizenship.

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